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Using Pencil drawing as an electrical conductor 

This is a must try for the students. Noted a 9 volt dry cell is to power one small LED bulb. Nifty Science.



Critical Friend 

During a meeting today there was a sharing about having critical friends. I think it’s very true as a critical friend helps to see your blind spot and helps you improve. However it’s not easy to be a critical friend as no one wants to be a bad guy.

On the other level, I think it is also important that we become a critical friend. Especially among colleagues, we help to see each other weaknesses, and we bring it up to help others improve. Then we make value to others life.


My journal as an educator

After so many years in education It suddenly struck me that I should have a journal to record all my experiences, learning and thoughts about education, so I can regularly come back to for ideas and inspirations. It will also be a place for me to recharge and reaffirm the purpose of education. Some post may infringes on copyrights.. if you are the owner, and you object to the post, do write in and I will remove them.