Assessment for conceptual understanding

Some ideas of Assessment

  1. How do we mark to assess for students’ conceptual understanding?
  2. Why is it important to develop marking scheme with point 1 in mind.
  3. Marking scheme is meant to change with context. There is no “model answer”.
  4. How do we assess students’ answer?
  5. Key words vs Key concepts
  6. Mark by concept, not key word
  7. Conceptual Understanding – Science ideas applied, explained, connecting to other ideas, transfer ideas to different context, explain with clarity.
  8. Assessing students on their ability to interpret and communicate.
  9. When setting test question:
    1. make question as clear as possible
    2. be open to different perspectives (diverse yet possible responses)
    3. Mark students answer holistically (Rule no. 4 / R4)
      1. Mark is given for correct part of answer,
      2. but 1/2 mark will be deducted if student provide extra but wrong/ contradictory concept.
  10. Considerations when making decisions during marking
    1. Completeness in addressing expectations of question
    2. Accuracy of concept
    3. Relevance to context of question
    4. Interpretation of question
  11. Standardization of Marking between teachers ensures consistency and clarity in marking across all the scripts.
  12. Cannot expect students to include certain aspect of explanation if they are not asked to. Eg. To explain in terms of heat gain/heat lost in evaporation/condensation questions.



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